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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Dr. Hector Lopez
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“A Team of Coyotes transforming the idea of limits”

-Bobcat Pride

I am very excited about the 2017/2018 school year at Batesville Elementary. I strongly believe in the potential of our students, the dedication of our team, and the hope that exists in this community. For 2017/2018, we are transforming our campus based on the 3 major building blocks we have already established:

1. Our campus has met the Texas Education Agency’s Acceptable rating for the 2017/18 school year.
  • While our goals are to become a campus with multiple state distinctions, moving out of Improvement Required is an important 1st step that we accomplished in 2016/17.
2. 11 of our 15 professional positions will be staffed by returning Batesville staff members
  •  This helps ensure that our students work with caring and familiar faces each day.
3. The success of our 5th grade students in Math, Reading, and Science highlight the potential of all Batesville students to learn and achieve at the highest levels.

From these three foundational components, we seek to build a campus of learners that is actively involved in their learning process, a community team that trusts their school, and a school that proactively works to create learning systems to help students develop literacy, communication, and collaboration skills at the highest levels.

As a father of three children (1 graduate, 2 school age), I am committed to ensuring Batesville Elementary puts forth the educational value I would want my own family to experience. This is what I will ask of our team, and what I will give of myself each day. Through this focus on quality and consistency, I believe in the future being carved out today at Batesville Elementary. I believe in this community, I believe in our team, and I steadfastly believe in our students.